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Why to Prescribe Cannabis Before Opioids

Just over three years ago, I was in a manager meeting. I’ll never forget receiving the call and leaving immediately. My cousin from back home in NH rang me, and the words shook me to my core: One of my best friends, Josh, had overdosed on opioids and was found dead…

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To Serve & Protect: A Cannabis Medical Refugee

A long time ago, I would’ve arrested you for any amount of weed. Six years ago, I was told my wife was going to die shortly after her 30th birthday. That’s when my entire life changed, and now I serve and protect in an entirely different way…

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From The High Chief: Why CannabisAmp? – The Cannabis Industry Amplifier

CannabisAmp was conceived out of a three-year fight for survival and respect. Like any lifecycle, there’s a time for growth and an opportunity to thrive, and for CannabisAmp, that time is now. There’s a rising groundswell in the country behind cannabis, and its lifecycle is just getting started…

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