Big Prison

Meet the Nation’s Longest Serving Marijuana Prisoner

Antonio Bascaro, who has served over 35 years behind bars for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense, holds the dubious honor of being the nation’s, and perhaps the world’s, longest serving marijuana prisoner…

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Life Sentences for Cannabis

Does the U.S. really give life sentences for marijuana…how is that a thing? In some cases you have to organize a criminal enterprise that sells lots of marijuana. In other cases all it takes is being acquainted with the wrong people and making the mistake of believing in the so-called American system of justice & trial by jury…

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Jailbreak: A Cannabis Industry Call to Action

Too many Americans are behind bars for possessing cannabis or growing it at their home. U.S. prisons are packed with all kinds, to say the least. That’s our target now, and we are planning a nationwide jailbreak, of sorts, for as many of them as possible…

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From The High Chief: Why CannabisAmp? – The Cannabis Industry Amplifier

CannabisAmp was conceived out of a three-year fight for survival and respect. Like any lifecycle, there’s a time for growth and an opportunity to thrive, and for CannabisAmp, that time is now. There’s a rising groundswell in the country behind cannabis, and its lifecycle is just getting started…

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