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Why to Prescribe Cannabis Before Opioids

Just over three years ago, I was in a manager meeting. I’ll never forget receiving the call and leaving immediately. My cousin from back home in NH rang me, and the words shook me to my core: One of my best friends, Josh, had overdosed on opioids and was found dead…

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North Dakota Cannabis is Officially Front and Center

The young North Dakota cannabis industry put themselves front and center in the news this past week. Not even two full years ago they voted in medical cannabis, and before they even have a facility open for that, they announce a recreational usage vote with no limits on a grower’s plant count!

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The High Chief on: Indica for Pain Relief

So many people foolishly shy away from Indica dominant strains because of a force-fed misconception. Different strains effect different people in different ways. As far as I’m concerned it’s “off-da-couch” for me!

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Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid & CBD

There are so many strains of recreational and medical marijuana, and a lot of them have different effects that can help you in everyday life. I’m back again to give you a rundown on each one and what they can do for you…

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FDA Approves CBD Syrup Epidiolex – What Does it Mean for the Industry?

The U.S. took another step closer to federal legalization as the FDA approved a marijuana-infused, anti-seizure medication late June. What does this mean for investors, company owners, and entrepreneurs seeking to step into the industry?

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