Coca-Cola: CBD Infused Beverages Takeover

Recently Coca-Cola announced it was considering a leap into the ever-expanding, CBD-infused beverage market. Buckle up; the CBD marketplace is going to be moving fast!

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Cannabis Sales Teams: Why Your Commission Structure Matters

If you own a grow you will be setting up a sales team and looking to incentivize your team based on their individual and team performance. When a grow sets a flat rate for commission, and the market has an abundance of product circulating throughout, it puts their sales reps in a spot to fail almost every single time…

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THC Percentages Vs. Terpene Profiles: Becoming a More Educated Consumer

It’s no coincidence that chamomile and lavender smell relaxing, or that walking through a dense evergreen forest makes you feel like your lungs are opening up. There are larger forces at work, and that’s courtesy of mother nature. Get the skinny about your favorite terpenes…

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Taxation is Theft

The social experiment is over, and it’s crystal clear that legal, regulated cannabis is here to stay as an industry. Is that future controlled by the citizens and small businesses working together or is it dominated by a handful of ultra-wealthy and connected individuals and corporations?

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Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid & CBD

There are so many strains of recreational and medical marijuana, and a lot of them have different effects that can help you in everyday life. I’m back again to give you a rundown on each one and what they can do for you…

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Dabbing 101: Get the Best Value in Gear and a Quality Experience

So, you finally did it. You decided to bypass the flower and step up to the big leagues to try some dabs. This is your guide to how to dab and what gear presents the best value and quality experience…

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