Cannabis vs. Halloween: Propaganda at it’s worst

It’s October, and you know what that means, it’s time the warnings of scary things showing up in your children’s Halloween candy.  This year I will like to clear the record once and for all and announce NO ONE WILL EVER GIVE YOUR CHILDREN MARIJUANA INFUSED PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN.  EVER!  Every year I am bombarded […]

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Cannabis Sales Teams: Why Your Commission Structure Matters

If you own a grow you will be setting up a sales team and looking to incentivize your team based on their individual and team performance. When a grow sets a flat rate for commission, and the market has an abundance of product circulating throughout, it puts their sales reps in a spot to fail almost every single time…

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The High Chief on: Indica for Pain Relief

So many people foolishly shy away from Indica dominant strains because of a force-fed misconception. Different strains effect different people in different ways. As far as I’m concerned it’s “off-da-couch” for me!

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