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It’s Official: Adult-Use Cannabis is Legal in Canada

Today, Canada will become the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, making it officially legal for adults 18 years-and-older to purchase, possess, and grow cannabis. 

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So You Want to Be a Cannabis Trimmer?

“Bud manicurists,” “cultivation technicians,” “tree cutters” – regardless of whatever euphemism you’d like to employ, Trimmers are an essential component of the modern cannabis industry. It’s no longer the seasonal, regional activity it used to be prior to legalization but rather a full-time, year-round job for many…

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THC Percentages Vs. Terpene Profiles: Becoming a More Educated Consumer

It’s no coincidence that chamomile and lavender smell relaxing, or that walking through a dense evergreen forest makes you feel like your lungs are opening up. There are larger forces at work, and that’s courtesy of mother nature. Get the skinny about your favorite terpenes…

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Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid & CBD

There are so many strains of recreational and medical marijuana, and a lot of them have different effects that can help you in everyday life. I’m back again to give you a rundown on each one and what they can do for you…

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CO2 Up in Thin Air

So – you went all in, and bought a tank release system. You even bought CO2 autopilot digital release system, but for some reason, the levels just aren’t as high as you need them…What now?

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