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Overqualified in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry careers are among the most sought after lines of work in North America and it seems that people from every area of the country are eager to obtain a position in the legal cannabis industry. If there isn’t a ladder they will build one, in the pursuit of knowledge and career expansion…

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More METRC Madness

Metrc is the bane of every cannabis industry employee and business owner’s existence. How is the cannabis industry supposed to mature and develop when software used to track cannabis inventory is glitchy as heck? Successful businesses have figured out a way through…

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The Excessive Regulation of Colorado’s Cannabis Industry

The other day I chatted for an hour with the owner of a well-known dispensary and product line distributor of high-quality cannabis, edibles, oils, clones, seeds, and more here in Colorado. We got into regulation, and he told me a story so ridiculous that I had to write an article about it…

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