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Security and the Cannabis Industry

Recently, the Colorado cannabis and hemp industry have experienced multiple robberies of licensed facilities which include both retail marijuana centers and cultivation facilities across the state, as well as hemp farms: are your security systems and personnel up to standards?

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Overqualified in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry careers are among the most sought after lines of work in North America and it seems that people from every area of the country are eager to obtain a position in the legal cannabis industry. If there isn’t a ladder they will build one, in the pursuit of knowledge and career expansion…

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Pro Tips for Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

Are you seeking employment in the cannabis industry but have no idea how to get that job?  This guide will help you get the job you want. 1) Do your research. Before applying for a job in the cannabis industry, learn what the specific state requirements are before applying for a job.  For example, does […]

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So You Want to Be a Cannabis Trimmer?

“Bud manicurists,” “cultivation technicians,” “tree cutters” – regardless of whatever euphemism you’d like to employ, Trimmers are an essential component of the modern cannabis industry. It’s no longer the seasonal, regional activity it used to be prior to legalization but rather a full-time, year-round job for many…

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Professionalism & Boundaries in the Cannabis Workplace

Maintaining professional standards will protect employees and employers from unnecessary drama and decreased productivity. This is not a festival; it is work. These are your co-workers first, smoking buddies second…

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