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Cannabis vs. Halloween: Propaganda at it’s worst

It’s October, and you know what that means, it’s time the warnings of scary things showing up in your children’s Halloween candy.  This year I will like to clear the record once and for all and announce NO ONE WILL EVER GIVE YOUR CHILDREN MARIJUANA INFUSED PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN.  EVER!  Every year I am bombarded […]

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Meet the Nation’s Longest Serving Marijuana Prisoner

Antonio Bascaro, who has served over 35 years behind bars for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense, holds the dubious honor of being the nation’s, and perhaps the world’s, longest serving marijuana prisoner…

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Life Sentences for Cannabis

Does the U.S. really give life sentences for marijuana…how is that a thing? In some cases you have to organize a criminal enterprise that sells lots of marijuana. In other cases all it takes is being acquainted with the wrong people and making the mistake of believing in the so-called American system of justice & trial by jury…

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Jailbreak: A Cannabis Industry Call to Action

Too many Americans are behind bars for possessing cannabis or growing it at their home. U.S. prisons are packed with all kinds, to say the least. That’s our target now, and we are planning a nationwide jailbreak, of sorts, for as many of them as possible…

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A History of Cannabis Prohibition

Using cannabis and its derivatives as holistic medicine is nothing new – cultures around the world utilized hemp before 1AD. Today, we are faced with how to make cannabis and hemp legal again and creating a one-size-fits-all regulation for cannabis across state lines seems like a daunting task!

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To Serve & Protect: A Cannabis Medical Refugee

A long time ago, I would’ve arrested you for any amount of weed. Six years ago, I was told my wife was going to die shortly after her 30th birthday. That’s when my entire life changed, and now I serve and protect in an entirely different way…

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