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Overqualified in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry careers are among the most sought after lines of work in North America and it seems that people from every area of the country are eager to obtain a position in the legal cannabis industry. If there isn’t a ladder they will build one, in the pursuit of knowledge and career expansion…

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Pro Tips for Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

Are you seeking employment in the cannabis industry but have no idea how to get that job?  This guide will help you get the job you want. 1) Do your research. Before applying for a job in the cannabis industry, learn what the specific state requirements are before applying for a job.  For example, does […]

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Cannabis Sales Teams: Why Your Commission Structure Matters

If you own a grow you will be setting up a sales team and looking to incentivize your team based on their individual and team performance. When a grow sets a flat rate for commission, and the market has an abundance of product circulating throughout, it puts their sales reps in a spot to fail almost every single time…

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The Skill Shared by Successful Cannabis Industry Veterans

From the advent of recreational legalization in Colorado to the upcoming sunset of the medical cannabis program, the cannabis industry will keep changing, and those who stay informed and agile will rise to the top…

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